The Fundamentals Of Financial & Investing Literacy

In this post, I am sharing the easiest way to free download the Udemy The Fundamentals Of Financial & Investing Literacy in video format file direct link to the latest updates. One of the Crucial Life skills : Becoming Financially and Investing Literate for Personal Finance Understanding

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99% of us are working for a living by trading our precious time for money. We have little to no Personal Finance Understanding and this impacts our overall personal development. Traditional retirement theory is focused on what Bill calls “Big Gulp” investing:  Save a lot of money in a 401k/IRA and at age 65 start drawing it down and hope it doesn’t run out before you die.  In the meantime you have to grind out 40 hour work weeks for 40+ years.


Creating Personal Finance Understanding that impacts your overall Personal development is the key. The way to unlock it is with  Passive Income Streams from purchased assets are the key to retiring early and never running out of money before you hit the Big Pine Box in the sky.   The first step in achieving this goal is to empower yourself by making sure you are Financially and Investing literate.  Traditional personal finance and investing courses are not effective.  This course will show you an entirely new and proven way to achieving Financial Freedom.

We work hard for our money and we want things in life. Society has created systems that take advantage of our human impulses that cause us to financially behave in ways that sabotage our ability to retire at an age early. Some folks will retire sooner than others because they acquired unique knowledge that others simply don’t have. These people have Personal Finance Understanding and a better overall life that impacts all areas of their personal development.

One such person is your instructor, Personal Development & Personal Finance master Bill Stephens. Despite not fully putting his teachings into practice until his early 30’s he was able to retire at age 41, which was 18 years ago. He is married with two grown financially literate kids that are in flagship state universities. He lives on a tropical Island where the average property values well exceed 1 million dollars. He was a professional salesperson and started three businesses.  He taught himself personal finance & investing strategies and developed a system that can work for anyone. And he will share this knowledge with you in this course. 

In less than 1 hour you will learn:

  • Bill’s Fundamentals of Financial & Investing Literacy
  • The Two most important Formulas in the world that every person MUST know
  • Two types of Income & Two types of Expenses
  • The 4 steps to financial freedom
  • How to Leverage Your Income
  • Is a Home Mortgage Good or Bad Debt?
  • Financial Photosynthesis & Why it is Crucial to Your Success
  • The 4 Crucial Life Skills
  • The Myth of Owning your Own Business
  • Tactics and Strategies to decrease expenses & Increase Income
  • Understanding Investment Models
  • Early Retirement Strategies & more

The primary objective of this course is to give you Bill’s unique Fundamentals of Financial & Investing literacy so that you can create a plan to help you become financially free in the shortest time possible.  This course is a MUST for high school students, young adults, and any adult who wish to achieve early Financial Independence. Learn how to be masterful in Personal Finance and have a huge leg up on Personal Development in less than one hour.

This value packed course will give you the formulas and strategies to get you off of the road of “trading time for money” and having your money work for you. 

We deliver this course with videos, audios and a workbook designed to sync up with the lessons. This course is available to you forever. But don’t wait to take this course. Take it today because in just one short hour you’ll know what you need to begin your journey to financial freedom.

Enroll today, knowing that If you aren’t delighted with this video based training course, claim a full refund within 30 days of purchase! 

Who this course is for:

  • Any Adult wishing to Become Financially Free well before age 65
  • High School Students and Young Adults
  • College grads beginning their careers


  • The Desire to Become Financially Free well before age 65

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