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Free Download The Tyrant v0.9.4b For Android, Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. The game was released by Saddoggames on 13 march 2021 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates from here.

The Tyrant Game Information

Game Name:The Tyrant
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:2.83 GB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-08-21
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

The Tyrant Game Overview

The game will about the son (player) who returns from his year as an exchange student. It was his last year of school and he comes home to find a job. When he comes home he notices that some things have changed, badly. At home lives his mother, his step-dad, and his two sisters (one younger, one older). His step-dad was always a good man and you and the family accepted him as a real dad.

What’s new in The Tyrant?

  • weekend trips (love) for Nicole and Alexis
  • weekend trips for Nicole, Alexis, and Cassandra (NTR). Just go on a corruption or love trip with them and have to low relationship and their other NTR events before, see helper.
  • A new event with Cassandra when she‘s your basement slut (corruption, 9 am)
  • more training with Cassandra before she has her second event in the basement (corruption, 9 am)
  • an event in the parent’s room at 7 pm after you told Bruce to get his hands off Nicole
  • some repeatable events won‘t occur anymore when a character has passed a certain point. The repeating at this point won‘t make any sense. (for example the meeting of Martin at the front door at 2 pm)
  • some repeatable events are reworked, so they haven‘t the same text every time
  • you won‘t lose relationship points any longer when NTR is off (that makes no sense then)
  • the shaky relation events are gone, that experiment was crap
  • bug fixing

Read This Before Downloading:

In the Patreon version, your old family will be a befriended family (you knew them since your childhood, like a second family) and live with them. In the non-Patreon version, there is incest content. Game options are available.

Game Screenshot:

The Tyrant Free Download Links

v0.9.4b Update patchMIXDROP – NOPY – PIXELDRAIN

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