Transform Your Academic Performance And Finish Your Degree

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This course will teach you how to take control of your academic life, get motivated, get organised and get your degree finished. At any stage of your research-based study you can apply these methods to gain the confidence you need to be a successful student in your field. Postgraduate research can be tough going, especially when you need to be self-disciplined about deadlines to make consistent progress. I’ll explain key concepts and share lessons from my own journey of doing a part time PhD over four years.

You can immediately apply these techniques to enhance your relationship with your supervisor and improve your confidence and motivation. Each technique builds on the previous one to transform your outlook about your degree. Whatever your field, level or progress, this course will be useful for you; the new skills you learn will undoubtedly help you finish your degree.

Each lesson unpacks a technique that will help you to finish your degree and transform your academic performance:

  • The weekly status update will drive consistent delivery and help manage your relationship with your supervisor
  • Use Lean Kanban thinking to discipline yourself about making progress and committing to next steps
  • Well timed and well written discussion papers mark your academic progress and will be useful content for your final report
  • The importance and benefits of a well written proposal and how it positions you for success in your degree
  • How to balance quality and progress between different phases of your study
  • Approach your study like a project and understand the phases of proposal, field work, analysis and writing up
  • How to develop the right mindset that benefits you by taking ownership of your degree
  • Planning techniques, how I used them in my own degree and how you can use them to get through important deadlines

Completing this course will provide useful and practical tips and techniques to help you finish your degree. Just changing a few things in your study can have a significant impact on your overall performance, I’ll show you how.

Who this course is for:

  • Generally students at university level doing research based study
  • Anyone considering doing a degree and want to start well


  • No prerequisites, but some exposure to academic life would be helpful

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