Use Procreate to Turn a Photo into Abstract Art

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Join me in “playful practice” as I use the power of the Procreate smudge tool to turn a photograph into fabulous abstract art or the background of a digital art journaling page. The addition of a texture overlay with the exciting effects of blend modes will amplify this fantastic project. Then we will finish it off with some bold art marks to give it that extra pop.

When you take this class, you will:

  • Have fun creating an exciting piece of art from a simple photograph, whether you are a beginner to Procreate or are a seasoned digital artist
  • Learn the value of amazing yet simple Procreate tools like smudging and blend modes
  • Discover sources for royalty free photographs and begin to see the creative possibilities that can come from them
  • Receive texture overlays to use in your project

You will need:

  • An iPad with Procreate installed
  • An Apple Pencil or other pressure sensitive stylus
  • A desire to play, learn, and discover

Class Overview:

  • I will begin by sharing resources for royalty free photographs online and point out some things to look for when selecting a photo for your project.
  • Next I will begin the smudging process. This can be very relaxing, yet exciting to watch colors blend together.
  • Then I will continue playfully discovering “what if?” when I use hue, saturation, and brightness and/or curves to adjust the colors of the art at this stage.
  • After that I will add a texture overlay and discover what happens when I use various blend modes.
  • Then I will finish (or at least leave it at this stage for now) the piece with some art marks.

Come join me in turning a photograph into an amazing piece of abstract art! Select a photo based on the suggestions I give in class, smudge it, recolor it if desired, blend it with a texture overlay, and then add some of your favorite art marks. I can’t wait to see what fabulous pieces of art you create! Make sure to share them in the project gallery.

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