Whispered Promises: 14 Days of Love with Anna [Demo] OMNIS Free Download

OMNIS Games released a new game called Whispered Promises: 14 Days of Love with Anna and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about This game is a cohabitation and management simulation where you live together with your beloved childhood friend. Enjoy your free time with Anna during the 14-days break!​

File Size:263.8 MB


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

● Diverse sex situations ▲
While you mainly take the initiative, there may be times when Anna takes the lead too…
Through different scenarios, Anna will show various sides of herself!

● Intimate touch interactions ▲
You can play pranks on Anna while she rests in the room.
Use intimate touches to bring Anna to climax!

● Simple cultivate system! ▲
You can study, play games, work, and even sex with Anna!
Enjoy the cohabitation life through free actions! And let your choices determine the final outcome of the story…?

● Take a breather with mini games ? ▲
Anna loves games the most!
Try your skills with the high-spec (?) mini-game “”Super sis”” together with Anna.

● Rich variety of cohabitation events! ▲
Whether it’s heartwarming events or sex situations, experience Anna’s diverse charms!

● Emphasis on a relaxed gameplay system! ▲
Basic features like skipping dialogue and fast-forwarding are available,
along with dialogue records, event recollection, and even skipping events altogether!
It’s a game designed for a relaxed experience.

● Anna Koharu ▲
Your beloved childhood friend and girlfriend who loves both you and games.
She has a lively and expressive personality.

Get ready for an eventful cohabitation life full with sexー
She says it with enthusiasm.

Witness for yourself what kind of ending awaits in this 14-day cohabitation life!

Game Screenshot:



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