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Free Download Zoctongo AmberBB v0.9.3 For Android, Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in a pre-installed game file direct link to the latest updates. Zoctongo released the game on 15 August 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

Zoctongo AmberBB Game Information

Game Name:Zoctongo AmberBB
File Name:Zoctongo_AmberBB_0.9.3_win64.zip
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:268.0 MB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-11-22
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Zoctongo AmberBB Game Overview

“Make a woman happy” “The game is a platform for future projects”

What’s new in Zoctongo AmberBB?


  • Removed all 3D images, in their place put more appropriate 2D
  • Added new images and changed some old ones
  • completely redesigned control, now the character moves with the mouse like in the new parts (but not as smoothly)


  • redid the beginning of the game
  • added images to the intro
  • new ending
  • the third part now has versions, a version (v4) will be added for each ending in the game


  • part 3 added


  • The game is divided into the second part, the first part has not changed.
  • The second part, changed controls, and gameplay, and slightly changed the narrative style.
  • The game is in development, so I actively develop and improve it.
  • Optimization, I’m working on it, because the game requires an incredible amount of RAM for its size, but I know how to fix that, so it will be fine!


  • New quest and new images
  • redrew some images

Developer Notes:

“This game is a template, a platform for other projects.

Visit my Patreon or Discord to keep up with the news!)” H – full screen. You can play on your phone! But the video does not work, so to fully familiarize me with the game will have to play through the PC But in the future, I will try to solve this problem! (Or is it just me this problem).

Future updates: – expand the final scene, add animations and images

Game Screenshot:

Zoctongo AmberBB Free Download Links

Part 1 / 2
Win x64

Part 3

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