Zoctongo:LustGuns2 [v0.5 Test] Zoctongo Free Download

Zoctongo Games released a new game called Zoctongo:LustGuns2 and the version is 0.5 Test. The game’s story is about A game about a lustful demon hunter, you just start your hunter journey, you live with a charming woman in the same house, take care of a woman, and fight demons!)​

File Size:204.5 MB
Version:0.5 Test
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac


Main changes:

  • Fixed an error related to loading walls (as it turned out, the error was due to a glitch in code events, just a small bug).
  • added several scenes and animations
  • the gameplay has been reworked, now there is no currency for viewing scenes (removed unnecessary things)
  • the quest system has been changed (now the enemies and the milf are interconnected and the content will be presented more smoothly)
  • the order and logic of progression in the game has been changed
  • improved graphics, added sounds for the bicycle, added indicators for objects that can be interacted with and added opposite indicators for objects that cannot be interacted with (so that you don’t try to open all the doors in the game)
  • (temporarily removed the Boss from the game (Hellen Parr), I will return it already changed and improved in the next updates)

v0.1 Alpha
First version

Developer Notes:

  • My first 3D game with 2D images.
  • I’m glad that I didn’t have to switch to Unity or another 3D engine, and I stayed on making games in my usual program!
  • It’s cool, because it’s just physically easy to make games in it)
  • Just a bunch of possibilities, 3D is cool)
  • Image quality still needs improvement. While evaluating the accuracy of loading the CPU and GPU, although everything is simple here, the engine loads all the resources at once on the same level, so I had to come up with tricks to avoid this.
  • At least some kind of plot, albeit conditional. (Compared to the first part)
  • Yes, and immersion in the world is clearly better here.
  • If that the first part and the second part are not connected in any way!

Game Screenshot:


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