A Father’s Sins [Ch. 21 Public] Pixieblink Free Download

Pixieblink Games released a new game called A Father’s Sins and the version is Ch. 21 Public. The game’s story is about An ancient Evil Return. A murder. An age-old Church conspiracy crumbles. And magic re-awakens in your city.

File Size:1.79 GB
Version:Ch. 21 Public
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android


Chapter 21 [release 09/02/23]

  • The Pope is no more.
  • Trust issues.
  • The trouble with Healers
  • Last stand (part 1)

Chapter 20 [release 08/05/23]

  • The trouble with popes.
  • An unexpected guest.
  • Celine’s story.
  • Tunnel vision.

Chapter 19 [release 07/03/23]

  • Trouble at the Vatican part III
  • We must stop her.
  • Jehannes kicks ass.
  • Where is the Pope?

Chapter 18 [release 06/02/23]

  • Trouble at the Vatican part II
  • Finding Heronius.
  • Sister Martine, Champion of the Light.
  • Betrayed!

Chapter 17 [release 05/02/23]

  • Never lie to a Healer.
  • Karina’s new rig.
  • Trouble at the Vatican

Chapter 16 [release 04/02/23]

  • Taking charge.
  • The MC assumes his leadership role during their very first mission briefing.
  • The Gardens of the Nephilm.
  • Maddy takes our hero to the visit the Grey Lady, but all does not go as planned. She Who Walks in Twilight has her own ideas…
  • Doesn’t that hurt?
  • After returning to the Bunker, the MC heads to the bathrooms and learns exactly how brutal their training has become.

Developer Notes:

This is a… faster paced slow burn game? With a real story and choices that influence game play. There will be nudity and sex, when the story calls for it. Unlike my other games this one is NOT a gratuitous fap’per, but rather a serious, story driven 18+ game. And I would like to give a special shout out to rick87 and -CookieMonster666- for their suggestions. And for some of the great ideas. And Gorse for some bad-ass sigs. And Moskyx for running through the game and pointing out some issues… and offering some really good suggestions.

Game Screenshot:


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