Ero Ero No Mi: The Great Adventure [Ch.7] kraguto games Free Download

kraguto games Games released a new game called Ero Ero No Mi: The Great Adventure and the version is Ch.7. The game’s story is about One day, a little boy living with his mother finds an akuma-no-mi in a chest, but unlike other akuma-no-mi, this one has not yet manifested its powers. time goes by and his happy and peaceful life with his mother is destroyed by a group of pirates. his mother is kidnapped and he will never see her again. So he decides to become a marine, so that one day, through justice, he can find his mother and return to live happily with her. Unfortunately, one day, he discovers that the marines are certainly not justice. so he decides to leave his current life aside and become a pirate.

in command of the former pirates of the straw hat. Nami, Nico Robin, Nojiko and Mozu. so together with them, you will embark on a journey across the sea, in search of the straw hats, your mother and justice. Also, on the way, you will discover that your Akuma-no-mi, can be the most fun of all, even more knowing that your crew, will only contain beautiful girls.

Developer:kraguto games
File Size:4.77 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android



  • 190 new animations.
  • 200 + images.
  • 10 scenes with 12 girls…. well almost 13. Robin fans will understand.
  • Now for convenience chapter number 7 has been included in a new chapter pack.
  • so if you are one of those who have already played up to chapter 6.


  • 199 animations (yes as always there will be angles even of butts while the girl gives a blowjob)
  • more than 500 new images (this is the time that I have included more images. besides those more than 500 images, there are another 199 images that are linked to the animations, that I don’t count them and the almost 50 credit images)
  • 11 sexual scenes
  • two new princesses (Vivi and Shirahoshi) plus other girls.

Game Screenshot:


Chapter 1-6

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