Fetish Locator: S&M Studio [v0.2.20] ViNovella Free Download

ViNovella Games released a new game called Fetish Locator: S&M Studio and the version is 0.2.20 The game’s story is about Join the new adventures of the fan-favorite Stacy now! Fetish Locator: S&M Studio

File Size:584.1 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac


Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Hey everyone! We worked so much to bring S&M to you. This is a first glimpse into what we have planned for our next project! I know, some of you might be unhappy with how different it is from Fetish Locator’s original trilogy, but I hope you will give us a chance to prove to you that we will make it into a great game with the right balance of content! Give it a try, but keep in mind that we had a very limited time to put this together and we will still improve many things in the game. The UI, the quest line, and the interactions would still be changed. This was a very hard time for us because we wanted to bring you this as fast as possible so that you know we are having a huge next game coming! But also we are working on the Fetish Locator endings and two more endings will come out soon for you to play! Now go and play our new game!!

Game Screenshot:


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