Imaginarium. Chapter I: The Witcher + Chapter II: Hogwarts [Ch.1 + 2 ver. 2.2] RoxxGame Free Download

RoxxGame Games released a new game called Imaginarium. Chapter I: The Witcher + Chapter II: Hogwarts and the version is Ch.1 + 2 ver. 2.2. The game’s story is about The game is about a young guy, his difficulties in the real world, and his stay in a fantasy world filled with various adventures and challenges. The first chapter takes place in the violent world of the Witcher universe, filled with all the familiar characters, battles, humor, and love. Remember that your support is very important to me. It helps me continue working on the game. It is the only way to let me know that I am doing something other people enjoy. ​

File Size:2.46 GB
Version:Ch.1 + 2 ver. 2.2
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac


Version 2.0

  • the new Harry Potter universe;
  • a new protagonist Ron Weasley;
  • more than 20 new scenes in fantasy and the real world.
    Minor inaccuracies and bugs removed

Developer Notes:

English is not my first language, so I have to use machine translation in the game and in my posts. My apologies There may be errors. Please report them and I will fix them as soon as possible.

Game Screenshot:


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