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Zel Dev Games released a new game called Joyful Days and the version is 0.62. The game’s story is about This isn’t your story, this is their’s. You are just viewing it from afar while you guide the ribbon of fate. If you are only here for H, prepare to be disappointed. I use that to compliment the story. “Do you ever miss the old days when life was simple? When you never have to worry about such things life throws at you today? Why not step into the shoes of someone who already has a life like that. In a world where there is joy and laughter with nothing Everythingwrong ever goes wrong. Date your students, their mothers, and your co workers in this wonderful world that is Yorobi.

Developer:Zel Dev
File Size:526.1 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android



  • -> 22k Words added
  • -> 847 Renders added
  • -> A lot of music and sound effects added
  • -> FreeRoam with Some Phone usability
  • -> 2 Main Events
  • -> 14 Character events and 13 Generic events


  • -> Redone, Overhauled, many events have been closed while I rework them.
  • -> Old saves won’t work
  • ->10 Events
  • -> 18k Words added
  • -> 778 New Images
  • -> New Characters added


  • -> 15k Words added
  • -> 330 New Images
  • -> Fixed A LOT of bugs
  • -> Manually started editing dialogue so it wouldn’t wrap around itself in the history option
  • -> More lore, more characters
  • -> Some UI and Main Menu changes
  • -> Title Scene redone (Rewritten to Joyful Days)

Developer Notes:

This game is still being developed and is being done by an amateur with an evergrowing passion and always self improving. Please note that the early stages of the game will be badly done but get better over time.

Game Screenshot:

OthersHotfix (for 0.62)

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