MudBlood Prologue [v0.68.3.4] ThatGuyLodos Free Download

ThatGuyLodos Games released a new game called MudBlood Prologue and the version is The game’s story is about MudBlood Prologue is an adult sandbox and management game set in a medieval fantasy world, where the player is the chief of a goblin tribe that lives inside a cave. Perform raids on neighbouring roads, villages and cities, grow your army to expand your control over the territory and collect resources to expand the cave.

File Size:3.74 GB



  • Added a new unique character called Senira, she can be found after succesfully raiding the city. -Added a level counter in the top of the monster menu.
  • Added a new monster race called Abomination, this monster can be obtained with a 5% chance as the child of a Goblin with a level 9 or more, or as the child of another abomination.
  • Added more lewd variants of the goblin animations.
  • Fixed an issue with the breast physics where the left one moved differently than the right one.
  • Fixed a bug where portraits would not update correctly.

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Creating MudBlood Prologue – Adult Sandbox Game

Game Screenshot:


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