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Free Download Taffy Tales v0.89.8a For Android, Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. The game was released by UberPie on 1 July 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates from here.

Taffy Tales Game Information

Game Name:Taffy Tales
File Name:Taffy_Tales_0.89.8a_win.zip
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:1,002.22 MB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-10-11
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Taffy Tales Game Overview

In “Taffy Tales” you will see the story of a regular guy with a split personality and his journey in a small town where almost every common citizen has his uncommon dark side. Dozens of characters with their families and relations, an original story, lots of side quests, and a lot of fantasy art await you!​

What’s new in Taffy Tales?


  • N/A

This patch contains many different fixes, which remove almost all known bugs.
It has no new scenes or new content compared to the previous version. All saves are incompatible because we changed the sequence of scenes in several routes. If you find any problems in this patch, please report them to our Discord server.

Taffy Tales patch v.0.85.1a notes:

  1. Added quest logs to all possible scenes to make the game easier to play.
  2. Added text description for all scenes in a scene selection menu to prevent the “no text” button.
  3. Restored the correct sequence of the scenes in Becca’s route.
  4. Restored the correct sequence of the scenes in Mary’s route.
  5. Fixed a bug with a black screen at the start of the day.
  6. Fixed a bug with the disappearance of choices during a scene.
  7. Fixed italics are not being displayed correctly in all scenes.
  8. Removed all superfluous symbols and underscores in all scenes.
  9. Added correct display of quest times in the quest log.
  10. 1Corrected the old quest logs to understand what to do next.
  11. Fixed many minor text problems in the whole project.
  12. 1Fixed many logical problems in the narrative of all routes.
  13. Fixed over 400+ tasks after completing global testing.

Developer Notes:

I have to tell you some details about the “cut an image in half” bug on a few Android devices. I spent some time to make some tests and it looks like the problem exists only on devices with GPU Adreno 300 series. Unfortunately, I can’t fix the problem right now, because it is a problem between the game engine core and GPU Adreno 300 series.

Cheat Code:

v0.82.4a New Code: adbcbe

Game Screenshot:

Taffy Tales Free Download Links

Android (v0.85.1a)ANONFILE – MIXDROP – RACATY – MEGA

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