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TeamAlters Games released a new game called Vow me, Faeries! and the version is v0.18. The game’s story is about You play as Gustav (name can be changed) a mage who doesn’t know his origins but who has been well-trained by a super-strong mage, Mavis, alongside his “half-sister” Lucy. Gustav lives a peaceful life and never questions himself about things around him until strange events start to occur, such can only be nailed with seriousness and a lot of responsibility, both of which Gustav is experiencing right now! But it’s not all about mystery… love and comedy are also at stake, as a huge variety of characters to interact with (being added little by little) and of course, the H element that we all like.

Just taking notes: We want to do something similar to what Hiro Mashima did with Rave, Fairy Tail, and Edens Zero to reuse characters in a new story. The characters’ history has been modified but we intend to keep their main qualities such as appearance, fighting style, and much of their personality.

File Size:723 MB
OS:Windows, Mac, Android



  • + Erza event (H-Scene)
  • + Irene event (H-Scene, following Erza’s event)
  • + Story event (Heavy text based + Images)
  • Total of 7 new images + 3 variant images

Developer Notes:

I could say everything you want to know, but I’ won’t, son! (by: Skylab, the Gigachad)

Game Screenshot:


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