Amazon Elastic Container Service – Deep Drive

In this post, I am sharing the easiest way to free download the Udemy Amazon Elastic Container Service – Deep Drive in video format file direct link to the latest updates. Practical Approach to learn Amazon ECS with Fargate & EC2 Launch type, App Load Balancing, ECR, Dynamic Port mapping

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  • Overview of ECS Service
  • Components involved in forming ECS Cluster
  • Image registry – Amazon ECR
  • Management – Amazon ECS & Amazon EKS
  • Hosting – AWS Fargate & Amazon EC2
  • Create your first ECS Cluster
  • Define Container, task, Service & Cluster
  • Lab Session – Run Nginx Application using ECS Cluster
  • Lab Session – Service in ECS Cluster
  • Lab Session – Run Docker Application on VM Infrastructure
  • Lab Session – Build a Docker Image using DockerFile
  • Create your own VPC – Pre-requisite of Amazon ECS

AWS Fargate

  • Overview of ECS Cluster – AWS Fargate, EC2 Linux/Windows
  • Run a task – Fargate Launch Type
  • Create a service – Fargate Launch type
  • Task definitions
  • Create a Docker Image of the Nginx Web App
  • Push Docker Image to AWS ECR Repository
  • Add Container in Task Definitions
  • Run the task of the Nginx App in a Fargate Cluster
  • Create Service of Nginx App in Fargate Cluster
  • Update Service in Fargate Cluster

AWS ECS Cluster – EC2 Linux + Networking

  • Overview of AWS ECS Cluster – EC2 Linux
  • Create your own VPC for ECS Cluster
  • Lab – Create EC2 launch type ECS Cluster
  • Detailed view of the resources on your cluster
  • Lab – Access Private Subnet Instances
  • Lab – Access Private Subnet Instances
  • Create a task for the Nginx Webserver
  • Overview of Bridge Network Mode
  • Define task size & add container
  • Add task in a cluster
  • Check container status from instances
  • Access Nginx web server running on Private Subnets
  • Run multiple containers in the ECS cluster

Dynamic Port Mapping

  • Overview of Dynamic Port Mapping
  • Lab – Configure dynamic port mapping
  • Lab – Add dynamic ports to Security Group

Application Load Balancer in ECS Cluster

  • Overview of ALB in ECS Cluster
  • Configure ALB
  • Define Target Group & Listener in ALB
  • Create a task for ECS Cluster
  • Create a service
  • Detailed view of the resources on your cluster
  • Test your ALB
  • Distribution of traffic equally to all containers by ALB
  • Last Lecture

Who this course is for:

  • This course can be taken by anyone who want to learn more about AWS Services
  • There are no formal prerequisites for this course; however, basic knowledge of AWS common services would be very beneficial.


  • PC or Laptop with internet Connection
  • Should have an AWS Account
  • Basic Knowledge on AWS Services

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