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Free Download Beasthunter v0.1.2.6 For Windows PC in a pre-installed game file direct link to the latest updates. BeasthunterUniverse released the game on 10 October 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

Beasthunter Game Information

Game Name:Beasthunter
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:13.66 GB
Operating System:Windows
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-10-12
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

Beasthunter Game Overview

Is a world full of evil awaiting you, Can you save this world from being plunged into darkness, or is it already too late? Can you save those that you care about, or will they become slaves to corruption?

Find out the fate of the young princess Rose, who is seeking her sister that went missing in a land far away, With Beasthunter, the first chapter of this endless and dark newly discovered world begins. Beasthunter Is an adult game with extreme content featuring every mature fetish That involves the domination of Girls.

What’s new in Beasthunter?


  • Day and Night cycle
  • Weather + effects
  • Improved SFX, added VFX
  • Added 6 new enemy types
  • Added Ranged / poison attacks + stun for Player character
  • Added Hit reactions
  • Reworked the Money System
  • Added loans, Bank and Chest system
  • New Movement animations (idle/walking, running sprinting)
  • New Combat animations
  • New attack types, Normal, Strong/Secondary, charged and Special
  • added Magic System
  • Added Skill System
  • Added Loot System
  • Added Energy/Pleasure system
  • New sex system based on Values (before it was 1 montage, now animations transition based on pleasure / speed (possibly the Player can soon change animation speed, skip etc.))
  • New Dungeon System
  • New Combat/ Grab system / Struggle system / Cloth destruction
  • Tied Up state
  • New Dialogue options for tied up state
  • New Dialogue for Introduction
  • Added a Surrender function
  • Added new functions for NPC’s Events to strip Rose / tie her up etc. outside of Combat
  • Added Slaver town + Arena + functions
  • H-Animations for Soulless monster
  • new H-Animations for Guard (tie rose up, struggle, secondary animation set for Tied up state)
  • unarmed Combat
  • test person camera
  • 2 new armors

Developer Notes:

Important controls: (there are more, press ” * ” ingame to see full list)

  • U=Equipment menu / hover over a slot and press x to unequip
  • I= Inventory
  • J=Quest Journal
  • C=Crouch
  • Space+Shift=Jump
  • E=interact

Combat: Space=dodge / Struggle

  • left mouse=attack
  • right mouse=block
  • Tab=change Tool
  • f=use tool
  • R=toggle combat mode

Game Screenshot:

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