Unity Asset – Damage Numbers Pro v4.13

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File Name:Damage Numbers Pro
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:12 MB
Content Source:https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/gui/damage-numbers-pro-186447
Last Update:2022-08-26

Damage Numbers Pro Description


  • – Easy Implementation (2-3 lines of code) or (custom actions)
  • – 5 Custom ASCII Fonts (bonus)
  • – Pooling and Threading Optimizations
  • – Several Preset Buttons (Style, Fading & Behavior)
  • – Face Camera Feature (3D)
  • – Render Through Objects Feature (3D)
  • – Consistent Screen Size Feature (3D)
  • – Soft Collision Feature (spreads popups)
  • – Highly Customizable Fade In and Fade Out.
  • – Lerp or Velocity Movement
  • – Follow Gameobject Feature (maintains offset to transform)
  • – Vibration Feature
  • – Start Rotation Feature
  • – Rotate over Time Feature
  • – Scale by Number Feature (larger number = larger scale)
  • – Scale over Time Feature
  • – Push Feature (pushes nearby popups by an offset)
  • – Combination Feature (combines & adds up)
  • – Destruction Feature (clears existing popups)
  • – Lots of Text Formatting Options
  • – Can display Decimals
  • – Clean Inspector with Tooltips and Hints
  • – Uses TextMeshPro
  • – And many smaller features

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