Growth Hacking & Growth Marketing Masterclass

In this post, I am sharing the easiest way to free download the Udemy Growth Hacking & Growth Marketing Masterclass in video format file direct link to the latest updates. Learn the best Growth Hacking strategies to make your business grow exponentially. Social media marketing growth.

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Are you looking for a complete Growth Hacking with digital marketing course that will teach you everything you need to grow your business exponentially?

You have found the perfect course!

With the skills and strategies you will learn here in our Growth Hacking with digital marketing course, you can:

  • EXPONENTIALLY GROW your business, number of customers, and your company’s revenue
  • GET a great job in the digital marketing industry
  • HELP your customers to increase and grow their businesses

At the end of the course, you will receive the official Growth Hacking certificate that can be added to your resume. Many students have been able to start a new career and take advantage of today’s opportunities in the market for digital marketing professionals.

I promise that I’ll do everything to help you master all the best digital marketing & social media marketing strategies to generate exponential growth.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. How to use current Growth Hacking strategies to expand your business exponentially
  2. We’ll create a customized action plan for your company with ideas you can implement today and see results quickly
  3. You will understand and learn how the Growth Hacking process works
  4. You will learn how to use strategies to grow 10x your number of customers organically
  5. You will learn how to use strategies that can help you to grow 5x the income of your business
  6. How to add thousands of potential customers and subscribers to your email list
  7. How to optimize your websites with heat maps
  8. How to increase 10x the conversion of your opt-in pages and sales pages
  9. Eight strategies to prevent customers from abandoning your shopping cart
  10. How to create viral marketing campaigns
  11. How to optimize your articles and blogs to work as sales and marketing tools
  12. How to optimize and improve your products to make them irresistible to customers
  13. How to use sales psychology to increase transactions and prices
  14. How to write content marketing that attracts attention and generates sales
  15. How to use screen recordings, maps heat, and actions of your visitors to increase your income
  16. How to track and analyze the data of your website using Google Analytics
  17. and more.

Most of the digital marketing tools and strategies that we teach in this course are Free!


  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • Personalized support and answers to your questions
  • Certificate of Completion – which you can include in your resume
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – if you do not like the course, you can request a 100% refund


  • Download – A complete course checklist to learn in the right way
  • Download – Complete Guides to help you master each subject and apply the strategies in your marketing
  • Case studies to show you how the largest online corporations implement our strategies


Throughout the course, you will be applying strategies in your own business!

You will learn the exact techniques and strategies in each section. Soon you will see how these strategies are used in the real world with case studies. Finally, you will put it into practice and see actual results!

Enroll now, and let’s start growing your business exponentially!

See you in the first lesson!

Diego Davila.

Curriculum – Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing course

  1. Introduction
    1. Welcome to the Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Course
  2. What is Growth Hacking?
    1. What is Growth Hacking?
    2. The Growth Hacking Process
    3. Case Study: 9 companies that used Growth Hacking strategies to grow exponentially
    4. Download all the slides of this module
  3. The Growth Hacking Funnel
    1. The Growth Hacking Funnel
    2. The 5 stages of Growth Hacking for your company
    3. Exercise – Applying the Growth Hacking funnel in your company
    4. Download the slides of this module
  4. Analyzing your website and social networks
    1. Module Intro
    2. Analyzing your website with Google Analytics
    3. Creating Goals in Google Analytics
    4. Analyzing your Social networks to grow even more
    5. Analyzing your Autoresponder sequence
  5. PART 2 – Practical Growth Hacking Strategies
    1. Introduction to Part 2 of the Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Course
  6. Step # 1: Be sure to create a product that people really love
    1. Exercise: Make a list of your products or services
    2. Creating your Online Surveys with a free tool
    3. If you don’t have products or clients to send the survey
    4. Final steps to create products that your customers love
  7. Step # 2: Optimizing Your Target Audience
    1. 6 Benefits of creating an Ideal Customer Profile
    2. Exercise: Creating a profile of your ideal client
    3. Tools to optimize your target audience
    4. Optimizing your target audience even more!
  8. Step # 3: Acquisition – How Do Customers Find You?
    1. Where do your customers come from?
    2. 3 Acquisition Strategies
    3. Case Study: Acquisition
    4. Recommended reading
  9. Step # 4: Activation – How to make a great first impression on your customers?
    1. What is Activation, and how can you optimize?
    2. Installing and using HotMaps on your site
    3. Optimizing the Activation Process
    4. Next Steps to Further Optimize Activation
  10. Step # 5: Retention – Do Your Customers Buy Multiple Times?
    1. What is Retention, and how can you optimize it?
    2. Strategies to retain existing customers
    3. Next steps to optimize customer retention
  11. Step # 6: Revenue – How Does Your Business Generate Income?
    1. What is Revenue in Growth Hacking, and how to optimize it?
    2. Identifying your sales process
    3. Growth Hacking Strategies to increase your income
    4. Why do your customers abandon the shopping cart?
    5. Next steps to maximize your income
  12. Step # 7: Referrals – Getting Your Customers to Recommend You
    1. What are referrals, and how to optimize them?
    2. Case Study: How big companies grow exponentially
    3. Analyzing if your customers are ready to recommend your products
    4. Creating an affiliate program for your products or services
  13. Step # 8: Continually Improve Your Product
    1. How to continually improve your product
  14. Conclusion
    1. Congratulations!

Who this course is for:

  • The course is ideal for people who want to increase exponentially the number of users or clients, increase their income and generate new sources of income for your company, learn the skills needed to start a career in digital marketing or work as an expert in Growth Hacking. No matter what your marketing goal, here you will find strategies to grow exponentially


  • No previous knowledge is required

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