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Free Download HoleHouse v0.1.52 For Android, Windows PC, macOS, & Linux in pre-installed game file direct link with latest updates. DotArt released the game on 16 May 2022 in the adventure franchise category. Now you can download this game’s latest version with all future updates.

HoleHouse Game Information

Game Name:HoleHouse
File Name:0.1.25_HoleHouse_Windows.zip
Publisher:Levi Ross
File Size:333.9 MB
Operating System:Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux
Content Rating:12+
File Format:ZIP & RAR
Last Update:2022-11-18
Game Languages:English (eng subtitle)

HoleHouse Game Overview

A run-down House I put up for auction and a mysterious person buys it. From the outside, it looks like just a normal run-down place but once you get inside you get hooked into the world of the whole house.

Take charge as a manager-type person as you go on your journey to recruit new girls to do your bidding, but be warned some of these girls might take a bit of convincing if you know what I mean

Build relationships with the girls as you go and get rewarded in ways you can only dream of. The world may be your oyster but why would you want to leave when you have all these things, and people, to do?​

What’s new in HoleHouse?


  • New Feature’s
    • When You Complete A Quest Completed Quest’s Now Go To The Bottom Of The List
    • New Scene’s (Girl Fingering 2 Views)
      • Zelda Fingering Side
        • Squirting
        • Skirt
        • New Audio
      • Zelda Fingering Front View
        • Skirt
        • New Audio, Sync’s With Other Scene
        • Squirting Added
      • Velma Fingering Side
        • Squirting
        • Skirt
        • New Audio
      • Velma Fingering Front View
        • Skirt
        • New Audio, Sync’s With Other Scene
        • Squirting Added
      • Change Camera View
      • Outfit Stay’s Same When Changing Camera View
      • Misc Stuff
        • New Quest To Unlock
        • Second Door Unlocked With Stair Case and Elevator
        • Second Floor Hallway Added With Girl’s Room’s (Talk To Gloria Here)
        • Computer Added To Access CCTV
        • Buy CCTV and Second Floor In Shop
        • When Entering Girl’s Room Random Location Where they are (Only Two At The Moment)
        • New Backgrounds For Each Scene
    • New Character Gardevoir
      • New quest Line Where you have to catch her
      • New Audio For Hole 1 and Quest Line
      • Hole 1 Added
        • Change Boob Size
        • X-Ray, Nail’s, Tv Etc
        • Creampie
        • Cum Drip
        • All Outfit’s Added With Her Colour’s
        • New Paper Image
      • Doggy From Below Added
        • Change Boob Size
        • X-Ray
        • Creampie + Cum Drip
        • All Outfit’s
    • New Character Loona
      • Halloween Special Quest (Chance To Find Her)
      • Hole 1 Added
        • Cum Drip, X-Ray, Screen Etc
        • Feet Replaced
        • Change Boob Size
    • Samus Rev Cowgirl (Front View) Scene
      • Anal + Vag (Creampie For Each)
      • Change Boob Size
    • Samus On Side Scene
      • Creampie
      • Change Boob Size
    • Velma Rev Cowgirl (Front View) Scene
      • Anal + Vag (Creampie For Each)
      • Change Boob Size
    • Velma On Side Scene
      • Creampie
      • Change Boob Size
    • Samsung Sam Rev Cowgirl (Front View) Scene
      • Anal + Vag (Creampie For Each)
      • Change Boob Size
    • Samsung Sam On Side Scene
      • Creampie
      • Change Boob Size
    • Princess Peach Rev Cowgirl (Front View) Scene
      • Anal + Vag (Creampie For Each)
      • Change Boob Size
    • Princess Peach On Side Scene
      • Creampie
      • Change Boob Size
    • Still Image’s
      • Jessica Rabbit Face Sitting
      • Jinx Tied Up
    • When All Quest’s Are Completed Button Turn’s Grey
    • Character’s are now Unlocked Within Their Character Object
  • Bug Fix’s
    • BlowJob Zelda Audio Fixed
    • Jessica Rabbit Scene 4 New Item’s Work
    • Jessica Rabbit Dress Is Above Legging’s and Pant’s
    • ElastiGirl Choker Work’s
    • Ahsoka Arm Thing’s Can Be Toggled Off On Their Own
    • Lola’s Pant’s Work Better With Other Item’s
    • Peach’s Dress Moved Above Everything Else
    • Velma Top Above Nipple Piercing and Cover
    • Doggy Scene Nipple Piercing and Cover Below Top’s
    • Samus Suit Turn’s Off When Toggling Leg Wear
    • Removed Zelda ATF button in office as easier to go straight to scene select
    • Raven Hole 1 All Scene’s Selector Work’s
    • House Stay’s Open When You Go Outside
    • Some Character Back Button Not Working For Clothes Option Hole 1
    • Receptionist Clothes UI Better
    • ElastiGIrl, Frankie and Jessica Rabbit stats not saving
    • Quest Buttons Line Up Better Between Pages On Phone
    • Raven Re Cowgirl Head Loop Fixed

Developer Notes:

All of these will be optional and you don’t have to view them I’m thinking of adding something at the start where you can pick what kind of stuff you like to show you only get shown what you want

  • Character Traits System where they have like ness, hunger tiredness, etc and depending on that it changes how they kick you
  • You can send the girls that work for you to work to earn money
  • Constable
  • Monster girls
  • Alive clothes
  • Corruption
  • Internal View
  • Sleep
  • Going Into Egg
  • Pregnancy is some sort of thing where girls can only get pregnant at certain times and they only stay pregnant for a certain amount of time

I’m also working on getting a better voice actor for the girls but I think for now I might actually change it to some basic ones I can find as a lot of people have said that’s where it’s lacking

Game Screenshot:

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