MICROSOFT EXCEL-From Beginner level (2022)

In this post, I am sharing the easiest way to free download the Udemy MICROSOFT EXCEL-From Beginner level (2022) in video format file direct link to the latest updates. Become a pro in Microsoft Excel from Biginners level

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This course covers Microsoft Excel in-depth with focus on business data analysis and an intro to Macros. So make sure you follow the videos in the order I have labelled them.

The outline are: 

Data Manipulation in Excel

a. How Excel handles different data types

b. Data consistency, starting with the end in view

c. Building Datasheets that can easily scale

d. Sorting

i. Cascaded sorting

ii. Sorting across rows (left to right sorting, not the usual up to down sorting)

iii. Sorting and Conditional Formatting to identify trends

e. Filtering

f. Data cleaning

i. Removing duplicates

ii. Text-to-column

iii. Grouping

iv. Data Validation

v. Conditional Formatting

g. Data formatting

i. Using Tables (and when to convert to tables)

ii. Formatting for printing

iii. Formatting for email

iv. Data Review and formatting for 3rd party use

h. Named Ranges


a. Chart types

i. Line chart and when to use it

ii. Column chart and when to use it

iii. Bar chart and when to use it

iv. Pie chart and it’s dangers

b. Combining charts; when and how.

c. Dynamic Charts, using filter.

d. Best practices when making charts

e. Sparklines

a .Best Practices

b. Excel Dashboards

c. Data Visualization

d. Having the audience/recipient in mind

e. E-mails and Excel reports

Excel to PowerPoint and Word

a. Linking PowerPoint/Word Charts to Excel

b. Embedding Excel sheets in PowerPoint/Word

c. Making a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation


a. Best Practices

b. Excel Dashboards

c. Data Visualization

d. Having the audience/recipient in mind

e. E-mails and Excel reports

And more…

Who this course is for:

  • Biginners who are just starting out in excel


  • There are really no requirements or prerequisites for taking this course, just your laptop or internet enabled phone will do

Free Download Links

MICROSOFT_EXCEL-From_Biginner_level.part1.rar – 995.0 MB
MICROSOFT_EXCEL-From_Biginner_level.part2.rar – 995.0 MB
MICROSOFT_EXCEL-From_Biginner_level.part3.rar – 113.6 MB

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