Painting Birds In Watercolor: Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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I’m Darren from Watercolour Mentor. In this course, I’m going to show you a simple and effective process so that you can paint five different birds in watercolour. This class will have you painting quickly and loosely in no time.

Included BONUS: Two additional lectures included – learn all the required techniques and processes to sketch and paint a pair of eagles + a detailed hummingbird scene. The bonus lectures are included at the bottom of the list of course lectures.

Painting efficiently is important to create a sense of life and expressiveness in your painting. Often we get bogged down in the details and forget the story we want to tell. In this course, we’ll also learn about composition which helps you to tell your story in a particular way – whether it be through colour, detail or including/excluding parts of the reference photo.

You’ll gain confidence in loosening up your brush strokes, and will learn some unique negative painting techniques that will help you create striking compositions. This course is for beginners to intermediate learners. You will need a pencil and eraser, watercolour paper (preferably cotton), a large flat or mop brush, a medium flat brush and a small 1-4 round brush for detailing. Join me in this course, and let’s get started!

What’s covered in the course:

  • Learn negative painting techniques in watercolor to create contrast and vibrancy
  • Learn basic watercolour techniques to help you paint feathers, background and trees
  • Learn how to paint loosely and vibrantly through the use of wet-in-wet watercolour techniques
  • Learn how to paint birds in watercolor using a simple two-step process
  • Learn how to draw and compose your subject to ensure your painting is successful
  • Learn the basics of colour mixing on the palette and on paper

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner students in watercolor
  • Students interested in painting birds in watercolor
  • Students wishing to learn watercolor techniques and negative painting


  • No prerequisites – watch the materials required lecture for further information

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